What can come from an idea

Along with the launch of my new website and blog, I am offering a new service of artwork conversion into cross stitch.  Today, I’ll be sharing the story of Ditsy Sun.

I was browsing through some of my Artfire Guild members stores online and came across a fabulous piece of art that I loved:  Ditsy Sun by an artist called Amy-Elyse Neer.


It caught my eye because I thought it would look great in cross stitch.  I took a deep breath and contacted the artist to see if she would allow me to experiment with a digital image of her artwork using my new cross stitch design software.   She said YES!




After a couple of days, I came up with a cross stitch pattern that very closely resembled the original piece of art.  I spent some additional time tweaking the chart stitch by stitch, to make it appear a little more symmetrical and more “stitchable” for a cross stitcher to follow.





The piece was then stitched by the artist’s sister, and we got an amazing result out of this.  She now has a cross stitch pattern of her own artwork to be able to sell.  You can actually find the pattern on TheCraftStar if you wish to purchase it.





Remember that this project started as an idea and an experiment.  I had no intention of charging the artist for this project, as I simply wanted to see if it would work.  What we ended up with was a legitimate and sellable item and she did insist on paying me for my time and efforts, which was very generous of her.   Just with a little partnership, and an ounce of work, this is what can happen with just an idea!

Put YOUR ideas to work and you might just come up with something amazing!

Amy has also written a blog post about this project here, which includes some more details and photographs if you would like to give it a read.  You can find her artwork for sale on Artfire, and she is one of the valued members of the Artfire California Crafters Guild, of which I am the Guild Master.

If you are an artist, and you have a bold and bright design that you would like converted into cross stitch, please contact me to discuss your project.  Details of this service can be found on my website.


Stitchy hugs to you all!


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