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Unfinished Project Week

September has arrived and with it comes the time to sort through my unfinished projects.  It’s good for a stitcher to do this once in a while, as unfinished projects, or UFOs as they’re called, can mount up.  We come across so many great projects and have so many ideas that sometimes we can’t stitch fast enough!

I have pulled out 6 things that need finishing and plan to do some of them this week.

1.  Christmas Cards – recently started, needs doing for seasonal reasons.

2.  Playing Card Coaster – started ages ago, must get this done.

3.  Cucumber Seed Packet hanging – another project that has been hanging around for ages and must be done soon.

4.  Mount the Cube Lattice Quilt on hanger – just finished the cross stitching on this a few days back, so this will be easy to get done.

5.  Black and White Hopscotch Project – started a couple of weeks ago, this has become an evening stitching project.

6.  Yellow Hopscotch Project – most recently started, and will be the final one to work on.

I will work on a different one each day, not necessarily to a finish, in no particular order.

These six projects are lined up on my desk waiting to be continued this week – let’s see how I get on.


Stitchy hugs to you all!




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