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Sailing Away At Last

Since I started designing my own cross stitch patterns in March this year, I have developed a unique style.  Bright and colorful designs show my love of distinct and in-your-face color combinations.  My latest design is no exception.

August 2nd was the release date for another original cross stitch pattern.  My sixth design is called Sail Away, and it features four lighthouses, and six small sailing boats.   Inspired, in part, by Janlynn’s Lighthouses that I stitched earlier this year, and the fact that lighthouses have held a fascination for me for years, I wanted to provide my own interpretation of a nautical scene.

The six sailboats are gently floating on a turquoise sea among light and fluffy clouds.  They are protected by the four lighthouses, one at each corner of the design.  The lighthouses show them the way as they sail back and forth, kept safe by the bright beacons atop each lighthouse.

I chose to stitch the model for this design on light blue 14 count aida, using the blue background as the sky, saving on threads and stitching time with a lot of blue thread to create the same effect.  The colors of the lighthouses and sailboats stand out well against his color, and I have been encouraged by this result to use colored aida again in future projects.

This design is suitable for all levels of stitchers, it’s not too large (approx 8″x8″) and has whole stitches only, no fractionals, beads or french knots.  There is backstitch in two colors, which is very easy to follow on the chart.

I showed the design to cross stitch designer, Joan Elliot, who described it as “Very Sweet”.  It’s great to have this sort of feedback from such a distinguished designer.

If you wish to stitch this design, you can buy it on Artfire, Etsy, Zibbet, and EBay along with my previous designs .  Free shipping for all US customers.  Contact me for further information or if you have questions!

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Happy 4th of July!

It’s that time of year again!  Americans celebrate America!  This is a rather strange day for me, as I am British.  I always feel like I should keep a low profile on the 4th, due to the nature of the celebration.

However, this year, I have placed a small Stars and Stripes plastic windmill in a plant pot outside my front door, and there will be hot dogs for lunch, so I am in the spirit!  Planning to spend some time stitching my new design, Sail Away, in the garden!

Wishing you an awesome 4th of July!


Stitchy hugs to you all!


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