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Goals for March!

Setting Goals

Setting Goals

Now that I am almost fully settled back in the UK, it’s time to set some crafting goals to get things moving forward.  Here’s what I planned for this month:

1.  Re-photograph  my Etsy items.  After receiving some important feedback from some of my Etsy team members, I decided to go through each of my Etsy listings and improve the photographs.  With a new hand-me-down camera, I have managed to get some much better pictures!  This will be an ongoing task over the next 2-3 months as listing expire and get renewed.

2.  List 50 new items in my Etsy Destash store.  At the start of the year I decided to open a new Etsy store to shift some of my stitching stash that I no longer have room for.  Patterns, fabric, books and other crafting materials are taking up space that I can’t afford to lose now that we are in a much smaller house.

3.  Release one new Cross Stitch Pattern.  When I started designing my own patterns, my goal was to release one new one every month, but I kind of fell behind with that.  Time to get back on the horse.  I have loads of new ideas and can’t wait to get them out there in the public space.

4.  Continue making more Lavender and Chamomile hanging ornaments/sachets.  My new product for 2014, and one I need to make a big impact with.  Lots more stock needs to be completed.

5.  Make some new designs for a set of Christmas Ornaments using my Fabric Swatch designs.  This idea is still in its infancy, and is low priority compared with the other goals.

As of today, I have made some new Lavender and Chamomile Ornaments, taken lots of new pictures, and am well on the way to having a new pattern completed.  I have not started the listings for my Etsy Destash Store yet.  That will be a priority over the next two weeks, as I have had some sales from that store and need to get my stock level back up again.

Let’s see what the next couple of weeks bring, shall we?


Stitchy Hugs,




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