Shutting Up Shop on Artfire


I had a tough decision to make.  Should I keep going with multiple online stores (Artfire, Etsy, and Zibbet), or should I scale it down a little and push all my efforts towards one shopfront?  I decided to use only one site, but which one?  My decision was made after adding up sales figures vs fees for 2013.



Etsy – Opened in August 2009, and used on and off ever since.  Listing fees $0.20 per item.   For 2013, 21% of my sales income went back to them in fees.


Artfire LogoArtfire – Opened in February 2011, used continuously and was my main store with the most stock, most variation and where I put most of my marketing efforts. Monthly fee $9.95 per month.  For 2013, 56% of my sales income went back to them on the monthly fee.


Unknown-1Zibbet – Opened sometime in 2011, used my 50 free listings, but never made one sale.  It was just another shopfront to have to maintain.



Granted, 2013 was not my best year for sales, and my stores were offline for a period earlier in the year while I raised a puppy, and again for a few months while I relocated to the UK, but I did not expect that result from my Artfire Studio.  I was totally shocked.  The static monthly fee was a big selling point for the site, as I could list as much as I wanted for one fixed fee.  However, the views and the sales were just not there.  I think I gave them a fair chance.

My decision was to drop Artfire and Zibbet, and just continue with Etsy.  I had probably spread myself a little bit too thin.  After all, maintaining one online store is a lot of work, three was ambitious.  With only one store, I have been able to focus all my efforts/marketing/promotions within one place and not have to decide which items I would list on each site.  Admittedly, it has been a lot of work having to move all my listings over to another site, a task I am still in the middle of, but once done, it will be a weight off my shoulders., and I can relax and concentrate on other things.

So, after handing over ownership of my Artfire Guild to a new leader,  I have downgraded my Artfire Account to Patron and my shop will disappear on December 9th.

You can now find all my listings here on Etsy!  I would love to have you come over and visit!


Stitchy hugs to all!





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