How do you pack and ship your items, and do you charge a "handling" fee?

I want your items to arrive with you in the same great condition as when they were first made.  Therefore, I take packaging very seriously and ensure that your items are secured before mailing.  I use good quality packaging materials, bubble mailers and boxes, depending on the item and size of your order.  I do my best to make sure that your items are packed so that they do not shift during transit.

I can get to the Post Office most days (except Sundays and holidays) and will usually get your order posted within three business days. I will always notify you when your item is on its way.

Shipping charges reflect actual Royal Mail prices plus a £1.00 handling fee to cover my packing materials and travel to the Post Office.

I use Royal Mail First Class to mail all my items within the UK.  If you would like tracking on your item, an extra charge will be levied as per Royal Mail Prices for "Signed For".

I am happy to ship worldwide. Prices are given in each on my listings in each of my online stores.  You are welcome to contact me for confirmation of any shipping prices before purchase.  Buyer is responsible for any and all customs charges relating to your purchase, and I will always put an accurate value on the customs label.  "International Signed For" tracking is available, once again, an extra charge will be levied for this.

If you would prefer an alternate shipping method, please discuss this with me at the time of ordering.  Extra payment may be required from you in order to accommodate your request.

Occasionally, an order consisting of multiple items can result in an overpayment of shipping costs.  My policy is to refund to you any overpayment of shipping that amounts to £1.00 or more.  Example: if your combined shipping is calculated on Etsy to be £8.90, and the actual shipping cost (including my handling fee) is only £7.80, you will receive a refund of £1.10.

What payment methods do you accept?

On Etsy, I accept Paypal and credit cards. On EBay and Folksy, I accept Paypal only.

Paypal is the easiest way to pay for your items.  It is also the safest way for us to enjoy a transaction with each other, as there is a level of protection for both of us.

I accept cash at my in-person craft fairs, but can do Paypal by smartphone if a suitable data signal can be obtained at the venue, and payment is verified at point of sale.




What if I am not happy with the item I buy from you?

I want you to be happy with your items, so I work hard to make sure you get the right product, in time for your occasion, made exactly as you want it.  However, I understand that sometimes things may go wrong.  I am only human, after all.   If you are unhappy with your order, I want you to contact me so that I can try to put things right.

My normal policy is that I do not accept returns unless the item is not as described, or faulty, but I will consider returns on a case by case basis.  Buyer pays return shipping, and refunds will usually be given as money back, or a replacement item of the same value.

I do not accept returns for custom orders, as your item has been created to your specifications and I may not be able to resell it to someone else.

If you feel dissatisfied with any item I have sent you, please contact me straight away so that we can resolve the situation together - communication is the key!



Am I getting a good quality product if I buy from you?

From a handmade perspective, I believe you will be getting a product of excellent quality from me.  I have been cross stitching for over 13 years and consider myself to be an experienced stitcher.

I use high quality card stock for my cards ordered from a well known UK supplier as I find it to be more durable than anything else on the market.

My handmade products are designed to be kept for a long period.  However, greetings cards do not last forever, and you may want to place your card in a scrapbook or album to maintain its quality.  See the product pages for further information on caring for the product you buy from me.

I take time to ensure that each item I make is ready to go to its new home before listing it for sale.  I will not offer you an inferior piece of work.  If it is not quite right, I start again.  Each item takes over three hours to make, so you can be assured that I do not rush the production process.  Larger items can take more than a week to complete, so I guarantee that your item has had my full attention for a long period of time while it is being lovingly created.

Some of the items I offer in my Destash Etsy store come to me from outside sources and are second hand, so I cannot guarantee the quality, but I would never offer an obviously substandard item for sale.



What products do you offer in your online stores?

In my CrossStitchCards Etsy store I offer cross stitched cards, embroidered cards, scented and unscented ornaments, Amish quilts, coasters, bookmarks, and my own original cross stitch designs in PDF format.

In my CSCDestash Etsy Store I offer crafting supplies which include (but are not limited to) cross stitch kits, vintage pattern leaflets, books, fabric and buttons.

In my CrossStitchCards Folksy store (reopened May 2015), I offer printed versions of all my original cross stitch designs.

On EBay, I offer printed versions of all my original cross stitch designs.

I sometimes have a stock of items waiting to be listed, so please ask if you don't see what you want, as I may have it "in the back".


Do you accept custom orders for cards and other items?

At the moment, I am not accepting custom orders.  However, I hope to resume service at some point in the future.

How do I contact you?

I welcome contact from anyone regarding my products, online stores or website.  Feel free to ask any questions.

I can be contacted via Etsy's Convo service in my Etsy stores or the messaging service on my Facebook page.  The best way to reach me is to email me directly at



Why do I have to go to third party websites to buy from you, instead of from this website?

An excellent question.  Third party websites like Etsy do a lot of the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)  work for handmade sellers.  This makes it easier for customers to find us, and for us to make ourselves visible to the market.

I had planned to make my cross stitch designs available for sale here, but due to changes in the law surrounding EU VAT for digital sellers at the start of 2015, this development has been postponed.

Can I find you at local craft fairs and events?

Yes!  From November 2014, I will be signing up to attend as many Christmas/Craft/Gift/Summer Fairs as I can in my local area.  I am located between Cambridge and Peterborough, in a small village, so there will be plenty to choose from.

Some events are handmade only, and some will also allow me to sell supplies as well.

If you are holding an event, and would like me to attend as a seller, please get in touch.