A Fine Line…

Non-stitching post alert!  I have some pretty “out there” thought processes as some of you already know.  Here’s what’s been going through my mind this morning and what led to these thoughts:

I received a change of address notification from a friend yesterday, on which I also found out that they are having a baby.  Now, as I am unlikely to ever send out a baby notification (if I did, I would also be suing my surgeon), I have decided to send out a “New Car” notification the next time I buy a new set of wheels!  Cars/children – they’re the same thing right?

Registration – You have to register a baby when it is born, and my car must also be registered in the place that I drive it.

Insurance – A family has life/critical illness/accident cover, and my car must also be insured against risks.

Healthcare – Your child must be seen by a doctor on a regular basis for check ups, and other health issues.  My car must be serviced annually by a dealer, and go in for repairs when it is not well.

Keep them clean – You bathe your child to keep him/her clean, I take my car to the car wash to prevent that same build-up of grime.

Clothing – You buy new shoes for your child, I buy new tires for my car.

Education – You enroll your child in school or home school them so that they gain knowledge about the world.  I update my car’s GPS and Navigation, so that it also gains knowledge about the world.

Food and Drink – You feed your child so that it has the nutrients to burn for energy to run and play.  I put gas in my car, so that it also burns energy so that I can run and play. Under the same note, you sometimes take your child to eat out for a treat.  I sometimes fill up with premium grade gas to give my car a treat.

Outdoor Fun – Your child may like to camp in the garden overnight.  My car sometimes likes to spend the night on the driveway.

Days Out – You take your child to the amusement park for a day out.  I take my car on a road trip.

Personal Motivation – You sometimes have to push your child hard to achieve his/her goals.  I sometimes push my car quite hard.

I know that some of you may find these thoughts weird.  However, it’s not my intention to offend anyone, just my thoughts and observations on life.

Thanks for listening today!


Stitchy hugs to you all





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  1. Elissa September 6, 2012

    Gail you are too funny. Our cars always have names. Goldie was the last one. The kids always said “You need to feed Goldie” (needs gas), “Goldie needs a bath” etc. Until someone hit us from behind & I had to tell my greiving kids that “Goldie is an organ donor now”. Hopefully the current one “Stormy” has a good long life. 😉

    • gailpith September 6, 2012

      Thank you, Elissa! I have no pets or children, so I guess this is my way of attempting to understand “normal” life! My life is far from normal – I mean, what sane person wants to craft all day and would even miss meals in order to do so? – Gail

  2. Kelly September 6, 2012

    OMG! Gail, you are a riot!! I <3 this post and I don't think you're weird at all. In fact when I take Speed Buggy out later this afternoon I'll be sure to run it by her as I'm sure she'll like it too, lol! 🙂

  3. Allison Silver September 7, 2012

    Hi Gail,

    That is funny! We both have different experiences with cars and kids!!

  4. JP September 23, 2012

    Looks good.


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